Picture of The Day! 29-8-2012

Ok, let’s start! Simple but important!

first, just as you know, I don’t have much time to take care 2 blogs at the same time. don’t worry, I still post some in here though maybe I don’t write much about the information, so if you’re interested and want more information, you should visit our main blog. http://conferenceellipsetable.blogspot.com

Second, Maybe I need some helpers here for helping me. posting some picture or information. if you willing to post some here, you can contact me at request page~

and the last, Have a good day everyone ! ^^


Picture of The Day! 26-7-2012

Wondering why I didn’t realized that I have another of our website~

I didn’t post anything since 2 weeks ago! too focused for posting on C.E.T blog and playing…

well, I’m also already got my time full for studying (for my school) and playing so I forgot about these websites~

anyway if you found yourself in here expired.. you can see the more fun at C.E.T blog http://conferenceellipsetable.blogspot.com  , That’s our main website~

Have a nice day 🙂

Picture of The Day! 12-7-2012


I’m back guys, I’m back to myself!!

Being inactive for several days has made the reputation of our C.E.T blog to decline..

well, it’s my fault anyway, since I’m the most responsible for maintain this group websites :p

And so I choose Steins Gate picture for today, I took it from one of the pages in megami magazine :p

anyway just enjoy your time as always ^^

-Konjiki no Benzali

Music Spotlight! 月に叢雲華に風

Ok what do we have here? a youtube music?

Now, I will explain for this post since I will use music spotlight in the future, not just pictures.. first thing first, you must know this is a music, but for me I didn’t consider this as a normal music.. Why? you’ll see it later..

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Wallpaper of The Week! 5-7-2012

Everything is better when you have your favorite wallpaper at your desktop, facebook, browser theme, etc :p

It’s been a long time since I had mw last wallpaper post in this blog..

so today I provide you this peaceful and beautiful flandre scarlet..

and don’t forget to visit our main website at http://conferenceellipsetable.blogspot.com

Enjoy your time ! ^^

-Konjiki no Benzali

Picture of The Day! 3-7-2012

I’m back everyone! again! This time I provide you Kanade picture

an evil Tachibana Kanade, or a vampire? I don’t really know..

Nevermind… Anyway, from now on I will be a hard worker diligent person!

since I’m used to be a lazy person before~ -_-

And also this time is the time when the new season of anime is come!

More new anime coming ! more anime to watch! Get ready for this season!

have a nice time !

-Konjiki no Benzali

Picture of The Day! 27-6-2012

Just like always, still busy on holiday~

I admit it, what an unpredictable holiday I had here, don’t have any time to watch anime -_-

and also I’ve to go to an some event, and so I will not active for 3 days (29 Juny – 1 July) again ?!

but don’t worry, I think I’ll have a time when the holiday is over, maybe :p

as the proverb says : ‘Don’t worry be happy :)’

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